Bolivia has 66 of the 112 ecosystems in the world, that is why it is considered among the 8 countries with the highest biodiversity in the planet. It counts 60 protected areas and 22 national parks, occupying 16.63% of the national territory. One example is the Madidi National Park, a destination of incomparable beauty where 3,235 species live in perfect harmony with man.

City of stones
4 days / 3 nights program including the Torotoro canyon, Humajalanta cave and the city of stones (Itas)
4 days
Reserva de la Biosfera Pilon Lajas
Visita of 4 days/3 nights to the Mapajo comunity, operated by the Mozeten and T'simane ethnical groups, in the Amazon.
4 days
Program Code: ECO 13
Ecolodge on the Sun Island
Circuit of 3 days/2 nights departing from La Paz to the highest navigable lake in the world at 3.810 m. Overnight stay in Sun Island.
3 days