Uyuni Saltflats

Located in the southwest  of Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt Flat is the largest in the world, extending across 10,582 km2 at 3653 meters over sea level. The Reserva Eduardo Abaroa, located some 340 kilometers south of Uyuni, contains extraordinary colored lagoons such as the red lagoon and the green lagoon, geysers and an interesting endemic diversity of fauna like the James flamenco and other andean pink flamencos. 

Places of interest: Uyuni town, Pulacayo, Colchani, Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve, Fish Island, Incahuasi Island.

Circuit of 3 days/2 nights departing from La Paz to Uyuni
Enjoy the Uyuni salt lake with this 3-day tour departing La Paz to Oruro by bus and then to Uyuni by train.
3 days
Program Code: UYU 1
Cactus y Salar
Circuit of 6 days / 5 nights that includes some of the top tourist destinations in Bolivia!
6 days
Program Code: UYU 3
Enjoy this 5-day Uyuni salt flats tour departing from La Paz to Uyuni, reaching the Reserve Eduardo Abaroa and its green and colored lagoons
5 days
Program Code: UYU 4
Laguna verde y volcan
Circuit of 5 days/4 nights begining in the border of Chile, visit to lagoons of Eduardo Abaroa Reserve and finishing with city tours in Potosí and Sucre
5 days
Program Code: UYU 9
Tunupa Volcano at sunset
Circuit of 4 days / 3 nights departing from La Paz to Uyuni and finishing in the border with Argentina
4 days
Program Code: UYU 10