World Heritage: Tiahuanaco

Half day or full day tour to Tiahuanaco and the Puma Punku ruins

Tiahuanaco  is 72 km/45 miles - 1 hour from La Paz, the trip passes through the Bolivian  highlands were you can see the Aymara Indians way of life.  It was one of the oldest American cultures, Carbon 14 dating give us an average age of 1580 BC to 1150 AC.  It is considered the cradle of the American man and one of the most advanced cultures in development at that time. Their main constructions  are: the Kalasasaya temple with the main stone work done like the Gate of the Sun, the monoliths  Ponce and Fraile, the Akapana pyramid and the semiunderground  temple.

Tiahuanaco  can be visited on a tour of half day or full day. Both tours will visit the two museums of the site and include refreshments. The full day tour includes  a visit to the village  of Tiwanaku,  where you can see the use of stones from the ruins to build houses. We also visit the Puma Punku ruins, where the largest and highest quality  stones were used to build the site.

La Paz-Tihuanaco