Trekking: Aymara roots in the Royal Andes Range

A 7 day/6 night trekking from Sorata passing the Illampu mountain and the Ancohuma mountain range. The itinerary finishes in the Huarihuarini valley.
Sorata and los Andes

DAY 1.  La Paz or Island of the Sun / Copacabana / Sorata

Private transportation from La Paz or Island of the Sun crossing the lake and going through an Andean pass at the foothills of the Illampu and Ancohuma mountains. Descending the valley to Sorata (2,568 m/8,423 ft), an old colonial village. (LD)

DAY 2.Sorata / Ancohuma

Trip crossing the Andes range to the other side of the Illampu mountain in the Chuchu pass (4,658 m/15,278 ft), with impressive landscapes of the area. Then down the forming Tipuani river until the village of Ancohuma (3,784 m/12,412 ft), where the first camp is set.  (BLD)

DAY 3.Ancohuma / Piedra Grande

Take the right side and start climbing the summit of Kochuahuasi (4,479 m/14,691 ft), then down the coming valley that ends in the village of Cocoyo (3,512 m/11,520 ft).  The camp is set in Piedra Grande, passing the village.  (BLD)

DAY 4.Piedra Grande/ Chajolpaya

Trek through the valley up to the summit of Sarani (4,480 m/14,695 ft), with great views of the Royal range and the Chiarhoco peak. It goes down another canyon that ends in Chajolpaya, an Indian village with great local architecture. Crossing to the other side of the canyon you'll camp in the range banks with a good view of the Negruni mountain. (BLD)

DAY 5.Chajolpaya / Chullumpini

You'll go up again until the Negruni pass (4,950 m), then down to the shores of a lagoon, perfectly set between the mountains to camp at 4,400 m/14,432 ft. (BLD)

DAY 6.Chullumpini/ Piacuani

You'll follow the Chekapkuchu canyon in a steep part until the Taypipata pass (4,730 m/15,515 ft), still going up until the main pass at 4,780 m/15,678 ft.  You are still enjoying remote areas of the Andes, unique due to the preservation of their customs. Descend to Piacuani Pampa area at 4,280 m/14,038 ft. (BLD)

DAY 7.Piacuani / Huarihuarini / La Paz

Up to Putuputuni lagoon (4,630 m/15,187 ft), then to the pass of Jankolakaya (4,700 m/15,416 ft) and finally pass the Vinohuara pass at 5,000 m/16,400 ft.  Descend through this area, until the lower part of the valley in Huarihuarini at 4,550 m/14,924 ft.  Transportation back to La Paz.  (BL)

sorata-Isla del Sol
Duration: 7 days
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