Mountaineering the Illimani (6,462 m)

Tour for climbing the snowcapped Illimani, in a 4-day itinerary. Base camp at 5,600 m. The top of the mountain is reached by the southwestern peak.
Escalada en el Illimani

DAY 1.  La Paz / Puente Roto

Private transportation descending through the valley of the city of La Paz and then Palca valley, to go up until Uni farm (3,600 m/11,807 ft).  The hike began passing an area where people is dedicated to raise llamas and sheeps and agriculture. Continues to Puente Roto at the foothills of the mountain, to camp is set at 4,650 m/15,246 ft.

DAY 2. Puente Roto / Nido de Condores

The trail has lots of small stones and few snow, is very steep until reaching Nido de Condores, where the high camp is at 5,600 m/18,368 ft. 

DAY 3. Illimani Summit

Climbing is very steep, first an ice wall of 45 °, then a place called "stairway to heaven", to later climb the southwest peak towards east until reaching the top.  Descend to high camp. 

DAY 4. Nido de Condores / Puente Roto / La Paz

Down to Puente Roto, private transportation to La Paz. 

Duration: 4 days
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