La Paz city tour and extensions

Description of city tour in La Paz and extensions
City of La Paz with Illimani mountain in the background


Breakfast and half day city tour. A 4 hour tour of La Paz, including the area of the street markets, rich in handicrafts, weavings and witchcraft artifacts. The tour goes through the colonial part of the city, San Francisco Church, Gold Museum, Murillo Square and the outdoor replica of the Tiahuanaco temple. Then to the modern part of town, dropping down a lot in elevation and finally visiting the Valley of the Moon to enjoy all of its natural geological formations.

PEÑA (Folk Show)

Highly recommended to see and hear the diversity of Bolivian folk dancing and music. The hand woven clothing, the traditional dance steps and the hand made instruments like the zampoñas (bamboo flutes) and charangos (small guitars made of wood or armadillo skin). All present the Andean and Tropical cultures of Bolivia in an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Includes: Transportation hotel/peña/hotel, entrance fee and dinner.


Is the highest ski resort in the World only 35 km/22 miles from La Paz and at 5,350 m/17,540 ft. (not in use anymore) You have a wonderful view seeing thousands of square miles of Andean highlands, part of Lake Titicaca and the beautiful Royal Andes Range. During Bolivia's winter or coldest months (June - August), there is very little snowfall and therefore hard packed snow and ice.

La Paz-El alto-Chacaltaya-Tiahuanaco-Desaguadero
Soy paceño
Don't drive here
Duration: 1 day
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